Identify and interview five employed people about their current level of job satisfaction. Identify the top three factors that impact their responses (e.g., poor pay, fair working conditions, or finding meaning in work). 


Choose an appropriate way to gather this information, developing interview questions based on how job satisfaction is defined and described, and/or existing measures of it. You should create a written set of three or more interview questions, which you should include as an attachment to your discussion post.


You should interview people face-to-face or over-the-phone, when possible. In addition to their responses to the interview questions, please record each interviewee’s gender, industry, and job title. 


In your discussion post, you should present your findings, including the characteristics of the interviewees and their responses. Analyze any similarities or differences across their responses, and draw conclusions regarding the factors that impact employee job satisfaction. Finally, relate your findings back to the material cited in the textbook. 


You should include the following sections: 


Methods: briefly describe how you developed the survey and interviewed participants.

Results: describe the answers, alongside the characteristics of the interviewees.

Discussion of the Results: analyze the responses, draw conclusions, relate this back to the course material.

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