CHOOSE AT LEAST ONE  OF THE FOLLOWING and answer in 100-200 words total. Post your initial response by 11:59pm on Thursday, and then respond to at least two classmates by Sunday at 11:59pm. 1. Show and Tell: Using 100 to 200 words tells us about a sculpture you possess. First, either paint a picture with words, or insert a picture of your sculpture into your writing. Second, explain some of its qualities and elements. Is it a relief sculpture? Is the color painted or inherent in the medium? Third, tell us what it means to you and why you like it. Comment on at least two other student’s sculptures. If you do not own any sculpture, choose a sculpture you WOULD like to own, and follow the same instructions for this assignment.  2. From 1801-1812, Thomas Bruce, Lord Elgin bought from the Greek government, sculptures that had adorned the Parthenon and Acropolis. Lord Elgin found the sculptures lying on the ground around the Parthenon, broken, dirty, and unprotected from the elements. Lord Elgin moved the sculptures to England, restored them, and they now are a premier exhibit at the British Museum in London, England.   Today, the Greek government wants the sculptures back in Athens. Should the British government give the sculpture back to the Greek government? Why or why not? Should the Greek government “buy back” the sculptures? Why or why not? In New York City, the Metropolitan Museum of Art has an incredible collection of art and artifacts from the ancient Egyptians. Should we give back our Egyptian collection to the Egyptians? Why or why not? Use 100 to 200 words to complete your answer and comment on at least one student’s writing.

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