Training Opportunities Instructions

The purpose of this assignment is to increase awareness of available training opportunities and to encourage continued learning and professional development.

Imagine that your supervisor has identified a specific need for training or improvement for the staff in your internship site. Identify training opportunities that exist within your community or online that would provide specific training to address the supposed need. These opportunities could be in the form of training sessions, organizations that promote certification, literature to read, etc.

Create a list of at least five training opportunities that will meet this specific need. Include all information required to be able to use this training list (contact information, etc.).

The list should include the name of the training, a brief abstract of learning goals (in your own words), contact information for the training and cost information as applicable.

Refer to the Training Opportunities Grading Rubric for specific grading criteria.

My Internship Site is in a Day-care (I’m doing my community service hours right there). 

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