Due Monday 03/28/17 at 8:30 pm (20:30). This is an important Grade for me its worth half my grade. So please do not do if you cannot fulfill the due date, It is a 12 page report I will attach the instructions the professor wants for the paper. Please follow them to a tee. Please check grammar/Plagiarism because it will go through multiple programs like Grammarly/Turnitin/Safe Assign etc..




Topic of research paper is that of disabled people and the discrimination they face in employment




Here is one peer reviewed journal I found. http://www.aoecdata.org/conferences/healthdisparities/WhitePapers/Workplace-Injustice.pdf

I think there needs to be 6 peer reviewed journals for assignment.


Please follow instructions provided (See attachment)…..




Thank you from the bottom of my heart in doing this for me. I had a death in my immediate family that I am ahead of planning. Very hard for me so again Thank you




Any questions please ask?




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