(Just One Slide, Two if you have to)

In this assignment, you will discuss the relationship between learning and memory, including neural processes and current research. The context is that you have been asked to explain why “going to college” results in learning using neuroscience principles learned in this course. 

Create 1 slide in Power Point advanced presentation, including detailed speaker notes, that addresses the following: 

Discuss the relationship between learning and memory. Address why learning and memory are interdependent.

Use at least 1 peer reviewed source

 Format references and citations in your presentation according to APA guidelines. Include citations and references in the speaker notes, NOT a separate Reference Page. Adopt an advanced TED format 

 (This part is a word document.)

Conclude with how what you have learned can enhance the efficiency of your learning in life as well as school. – We all need to give our input as individuals for this slide. Please share your experience on the content on a word document, no more than 100 words 

Cite all work

No Plagerism

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