The purpose of the POC/TOC is so we can discuss some recent applications about concepts that coincide with
the material in the course. Since it takes on average about 10 years for material to be included in a textbook, I
want to provide some more current information in a fun context that is easy to discuss. The Internet is filled
with a wealth of information and you can now find years and years of dedicated research packed into a 30 – 60
minute segment. It would almost be unfair to not expose ourselves to this type of information delivery. Each
week (on average) we will discuss one talk/show that is posted to Google+. Your task is to come up with what I
am referring to as ‘dinnertime facts’ and post them on the discussion board. These are the types of things that
you bring up at the dinner table when someone asks, “did you learn something new today?”.

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