Unit 6: Unit 6: Becoming an Effecive Change Agent – Discussion   Topics TopicTopic

Now that we understand what client advocacy means, and the related guidelines that a counselor must follow, we now have to consider how to integrate the multicultural considerations into the clinical work. 
Choose one of the different ethical codes we have reviewed (ACA, APA, or NAADAC) and discuss that code’s specific approach to multicultural counseling.  What guidelines are encouraged for the counselor?  When working with a client diagnosed with a Substance Use Disorder why is it important to consider the client’s identity dimensions and ensure you are functioning from a multicultural perspective (even though the client may not be discussing anything related to that in their presenting problem)? Provide an example of an interaction between a client and counselor in which an interaction was multiculturally informed and explain what you think what happened.  Be sure to provide academic sources in your explanation for what happened in the interaction.

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