Response Guidelines

Provide a substantive contribution that advances the discussion in a meaningful way by identifying strengths of the posting, challenging assumptions, and asking clarifying questions. Your response is expected to reference the assigned readings, as well as other theoretical, empirical, or professional literature to support your views and writings. Reference your sources using standard APA guidelines. 

“A confidence interval is how much uncertainty there is with any particular statistic. Confidence intervals are often used with a margin of error”. When you get a CI (confidence interval) you’ll start by getting a lower value and a upper value both of those values will have a likeliness to a certain level of probability of confidence level. 

“CIs are strongly recommended”. Using confidence intervals you’ll see  the prediction and range for the mean rather than the distribution of single data points. “Confidence intervals only tell you about the parameter of interest and nothing about the distribution of individual values.” When you do research using CI’s you’ll be able to really take a step back and see how the values are effecting the situation as a whole.


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