Write a  one page paper, in APA 6th edition style, describing the interest in your particular research topic, and why the topic is important. Remember you are not carrying out the research. 


 My topic: Are school counseling programs that prevent bullying  effective in decreasing antisocial behavior? What programs exist that help prevent bullying? How effective are those programs? How can we use current research to come up with a new research question that could contribute to the field of School Counseling?


Your writing should include:

·         The main theme(s) and why it is important and what specific skills you use to attack the problem.

·         A few specific examples of problems you that are already established, what has already been established, and how will this research lead to a bigger discovery later with success to build credibility and inform people outside your field about what you do.

·         A discussion of the future direction of your research. This section should be really exciting to people both in and outside your field. Don’t sell yourself short; if you think your research could lead to answers for big important questions, say so!

·         A final paragraph that gives a good overall impression of your research.


·         Avoid jargon. Make sure that you describe your research in language that many people outside your specific subject area can understand.

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