TOPIC:Religion and Heaven: Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die



i.                    Table of contents – this is the last thing you do so you will know how to number your pages.

I.                    Introduction- No less than one and one-half page. This gives an overall  background or historical or social narrative of the problem you are researching. Brief description of the issue, problem, subject you are investigating, giving whatever background information that is necessary.

II.                  Statement of the Problem (Outlines the purpose for conducting the study).

III.                Review of Related Literature

Identify several relevant sources (not less than 7) that exist on the subject you choose. Provide precise  and accurate descriptions of the sources that you choose and summarize their findings in no less than one to two paragraphs for each source.


IV.                Significance of the study (Tells what makes your study unique. Does your study fill a void that is missing in the Literature.  How does your study differ from any other study of your topic based on what you were able to glean or find in the literature.


V.                  Guiding Research questions . These questions guide your research.  ( No less than three.  These are three questions that your research will provide an answer to. Be creative in your questions.


VI.               Discussion and Analysis – This constitutes the body of your paper. Discuss  proper and relevant information that exists on the issue or research topic


VII.             Analysis and Conclusion -Summary and final thoughts on what you have written. Draw together your  findings and observations and express your own opinions of the issue.


Works cited


Note: Please use the MLA style for this project. You may also choose to use Turabian style if you wish.


Please avoid excessive use of dot.coms and www. I want you to rely on researched materials such as articles in referred journals, published books on the shelves in the library and in Gallileo. Any other professional source.

When you are done, your paper should be no less than 15 type-written double-spaced pages including references. There should be not less than 10 references. More will be appreciated.

Please, do NOT number your references. Consult the MLA manual for instructions.


Your paper will be evaluated on how well you utilize MLA professional writing instructions.

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