Analysis of Wrongdoing

 NO Plagarism, MUST use ciatation and refernces


In this assignment, you apply and integrate the concepts of attribution, attitude, behavior, and cognitive dissonance.

Identify  a situation in which an individual was persuaded into a decision to engage in behavior that violated social values, beliefs, attitudes, ethics, and/or morals, such as misrepresenting a product, underreporting income on taxes, falsifying services on a billing document , taking supplies from work, or engaging in vandalism.

Write  a 400-word paper in which you analyze your identified situation. Address the following items: Describe the reciprocal relationship between behavior and attitudes. 

Cite  at least 3 references.

Format  your paper according to APA guidelines.


Use the story about Khaled Elbeblawy, of Miramar, Florida , who owned a health home agency and was convicted of healthcare fraud. Healthcare fraud is a huge ethical issue and is causing taxpayers millions of dollars due to physicians, health care facility owners, pharmacists, DME providers all trying to increase their revenue.





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