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Final Essay Questions

Length: 1500-2000 words. This is already a broad range, so please keep it within these limits.

Choose ONE of the following questions

Note: Each of the questions contains subquestions that will help you to structure your essay. Please make sure you answer all parts of the question.


Q1. Characterise the different levels of reality, and the different types of knowledge that correspond to them, according to Plato. Do you think this view of reality and of different types of knowledge is still philosophically useful? Give reasons for your answer.


Q2.   Explain Locke’s view that personal identity depends on continuity of consciousness, rather than continuity of substance. How does he argue for his view over the alternatives he considers? What do you think are the strongest objections to Locke’s view? Give your own evaluation of the success of Locke’s argument and defend your answer with reasons.  


Q3. What is free will? What is determinism? Why is there a tension between these two views, and do you think we can solve this tension?”

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