In a time much farther away from our own, an alien named Jackmerius Tacktheratrix approaches a little blue planet known as Earth. He lands his spaceship near Montclair State University. He approaches the campus curiously, and is intrigued about all that he sees. Hiding in bushes and behind buildings, he navigates the campus to get a better idea of how to live life as a collegiate student on Earth in America. He notices that the men and women (florps and glorps, as he knows them as) behave differently and communicate rather differently around the campus. He wishes to identify the differences between genders with how much they use these electronic devices they shove in their own faces, who talks more, and where the communication occurs. Without having any idea about ethics or knowing of any rules in scienceā€¦ how might he go about setting up an experiment in order to study this phenomenon? Why is this topic important? What is the hypothesis? What materials would he use and why? What statistical test or tests might he use? What would the results be? What conclusions could be drawn? Think of this as writing a research paper, just like you did for your first project. The format should be the same just without the citations.

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