To prepare for this assignment: Choose one topic/situation related to aging from the list above (EUTHANASIA), which can have personal meaning for you; that is, either you or someone you know is experiencing or is likely to experience. Locate and review one resource from the Internet that enhances your understanding of the topic/situation. Think about how your reading and research findings apply to the topic/situation you have selected and to you or a person you have in mind for this assignment. Consider how quality of life in old age, as it relates to the topic/situation and as it relates to you or the person you selected, might be improved based on your reading and research.

The assignment (1– 2 pages): Briefly describe the topic/situation you selected, the person you have in mind (whether it is yourself or someone you know), and the reason you selected the topic/situation and the person. Synthesize the critical information about this topic/situation – information that would best inform those facing the challenges posed by the situation; that is, the person who would experience it, as well as the family/caregivers of that person. Apply what you learned by predicting a potential outcome for you or the person you selected and the situation. Suggest what might be done to improve quality of life for you or the person you selected.

Note: Be sure to protect the identity of any persons you describe.

Support your Application Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. You are asked to provide a reference list.

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