By now you should have received feedback from your instructor on your rough draft. Using that feedback, revise your paper accordingly. Create a final draft of your paper. Recall that your paper must be 3 pages in length not including cover page and reference page. The paper must not only describe current trends within your topic area, but you should demonstrate how your topic relates to the broad field of psychology. It should contain a strong thesis statement supported by research from at least 3 different sources. Include both in text citations and a References page in APA format.


IMPORTANT: Focus on developing a clearer introduction & conclusion. It is critical for these two parts of the paper to be strong. Your introduction should include a clear thesis statement telling your read the overall goal/purpose of your essay. It should also grab your reader’s attention & immediately engage them. Your conclusion should restate your thesis statement, summarize all of your major points, and leave your reader with a lasting thought, impression or idea. As you revise your paper, spend some time working on these two very important parts of a paper.

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