Sport Psychology in the Media  Preparation  Reflect on what you think are the prominent topics in the field of sport psychology. Search a few of the latest journals and note the topics addressed. Visit other Web sites of professional organizations, such as APA Exercise and Sport Psychology [Division 47] or AASP, to get a sense of current topics. Browse a variety of different news sites to get a feel for issues you think might relate to the field of sport psychology. As you browse, think about how these topics apply to your particular interests and what you hope to do in the field.  Directions  Imagine you currently write a blog targeted at consumers of your profession, such as athletes, coaches, or other high performers. The purpose of your blog is to be a resource that informs and generates interest in potential clients about sport psychology and its benefits.  With this in mind, write a 2–4 page blog post based on a current performance event or topic in the media related to you professional interests and goals that can be informed by the field of sport psychology.  Complete the following: •Select a current performance event or topic in the media that could be informed by sports psychology. This event or topic can be related to sport, another performance context, or your chosen profession. •Identify a sport psychology concept or principle related to your topic and write a blog post in which you: ◦Describe the event or topic. ◦Analyze how the specific event or topic is related to a sport psychology concept, practice, or principle. Explain your reason for selecting this topic and why it is currently relevant to the field of sport psychology. ◦Apply and explain contemporary sport psychology theories and research related to the topic. ◦Evaluate any changes in sport psychology theories or interventions relative to the topic in the current literature in sport psychology or related disciplines.   Note: If you used a specific event or news item for this assessment, reference it in the appendix. Provide a link if possible. If this is a digital item, such as a movie or television interview, include a transcribed copy of the most important segments.  Additional Requirements •Length: 2–4 typed, double-spaced pages. •References: Provide a minimum of two APA-formatted scholarly references.

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