TOPIC: Curb Bullying Cuased By ADHD


Prompt: Integrate the literature relevant to your research questions or intervention in a three- to five-page paper. At the beginning of this paper, state your research questions or intervention and explain the significance of these things within the field of psychology. Then discuss how each resource relates to your research questions or intervention. In this paper, you may summarize each article in preparation for the synthesis that is necessary for the literature review you will submit for Milestone Two. Milestone One is an opportunity for you to show how you can deeply immerse yourself in the literature in preparation for your literature review. In this assignment, you will analyze the resources to tell your own story in your literature review.


In your submission, be sure to include the critical elements listed below.  Develop well-formed research questions or a relevant intervention and explain the significance of these things within the field of psychology.  Summarize the literature and identify the main argument in support of the research questions or intervention.  Assess sources specific to research questions, describing the author’s credentials, arguments, objectivity, persuasiveness, and conclusions.  Analyze sources, including the methodology, to determine their strengths and weaknesses in how they impact our understanding of the intervention or the research questions.  Include a conclusion that ties together the literature addressed and reiterates the connection to the research questions and the main argument.  Ensure that the submission has no major errors related to citations, grammar, spelling, syntax, or organization.



3 to 5 pages (not including Title or reference page)

12 inch font times new roman 

At least 4 references 

APA Format

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