500 words minimum 

APA style / no quotes

must be properly cited

type essay as references were from a text book of psychology 

Motivation and emotion is the topic. 

theories of emotion etc…. motivation , desires

fully address how a particular topic that you have learned about  the course text can be related to / help you discuss / explain / understand a personally relevant life experience of your own / another person personally, socially, professionally, with community activities, etc.  be sure to name and describe, in your own words, the topic that you selected from course material / the text, being sure to include citations and related references for your paraphrased description of the topic.  Next, summarize the personally relevant life experience, and fully explain how and why this personal experience is an example of and / or can be explained by the course topic. fully address the scholarly research about a particular topic. “Reaction Papers” very quickly summarize a topic (e.g., in one paragraph) and then, throughout the bulk of the remainder of the paper, demonstrate how and why the topic applies to personally relevant, “real-life” experience.

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