Discussion: Your Karma and Dharma

Whether or not you believe in the Hindu tradition of karma and dharma, these concepts can be useful and meaningful to us in our daily lives. The saying “What goes around, comes around” may be most familiar to you and explains how actions and decisions you make can affect what occurs in the future. In a work environment, people are challenged to make ethical decisions in the face of social, financial, or leadership pressures. Those involved in recent headline-grabbing financial scandals, such as Enron, obviously made poor ethical decisions. Some may interpret this as negative dharma that in turn gave these corporate executives negative karma resulting in punishment both in this life and the next. In this Discussion, share your experience with these concepts, either in the workplace, where conflict and ethical decision-making can sometimes be challenged, or in another situation.


To prepare for this Discussion:

·         Review this week’s Required Resources:

o    Review pages 171–198 of the course text, Gods in the Global Village.

o    Review the article, “Karma and Dharma: New Links in an Old Chain.”

o    Watch the video of Pope Francis’s 2015 speech at the joint session of the U.S. Congress, paying particular attention to the Pope’s messages about social responsibility and the role of legislatures in supporting the most vulnerable members of society.

·         Consider personal examples of how the concepts of karma and dharma have been evident in your life.

·         Reflect on how considering these concepts when faced with an ethical challenge could help reduce conflict or produce a more socially aware outcome.


Post  a brief paragraph describing a personal experience with the concepts of karma and dharma. In a second paragraph, explain how understanding and using the concepts of karma and dharma can inspire more social responsibility and/or reduce conflict. Support your assertions by making at least 2 references, in proper APA format, to your course readings.

Be sure to support your ideas by connecting them to the week’s Learning Resources or something you have read, heard, seen, or experienced.



  Week 4 Milestone: The Religious Approach to Social Issues

As you have read, all religious traditions share three basic characteristics from which we may analyze the religion and compare it to other religions. For your Final Project, you will focus on a single pillar of analysis from which you will engage in a deeper study of a religious tradition.


For this worksheet activity, you will consider a contemporary social issue from the perspective of your selected religious tradition within the context of your selected pillar of analysis. Some suggested social issues for you to consider are listed here. However, feel free to select a social issue that is of interest to you even if it is not shown in the list.

Suggested social issues:Climate changeUnequal distribution of wealthCapital punishment


In the writing space below, identify the social issue you chose to explore. Then, write a 1,000­- to 1,500-word essay in which you analyze your selected religious tradition’s worldview as it relates to your chosen social issue. Be sure to explore the following ideas:Why is this social issue of particular importance to adherents of your chosen religious tradition?What actions have adherents of your religious tradition taken to effect change related to the social issue?In what ways have these actions affected people both within and outside the selected religion’s sacred canopy?

My chosen social issue is:Submit your 1,000- to 1,500-word essay here. Be sure to include at least two references to an academically relevant source, either from our classroom, the Walden Library, or Google Scholar, that supports your exploration of this social issue.














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