Literature Review : You will do 6 literature reviews pretaining to your specific course and topic. Reviews literature related to the unifying/overarching them within the core specializations identified. The focus of the literature review is to determine how the topic has been addressed in the available research literature, extending knowledge in the field by synthesizing research literature from the core areas within the primary topic. Provide a current state of accumulated knowledge as it relates to the specific topic, integrating the core specializations. Summarize the general state of the literature on the topic.


The literature review section should begin with a description of the literature search strategy  including (not limited to): Keywords used Databases searched Years included Results yielded Results excluded


The following should be included in the literature review section: Research studies should be summarized with detail, including the findings, how they were obtained, and any biases and limitations affecting the findings. Significant or noteworthy similarities and differences among core areas and the unifying theme should be highlighted. Provide critical analyses  of available research literature. Conclusion that summarizes the section.


Discussion : Articulate the importance of the findings of the literature reviewed; explain why these findings are important to the field of psychology . Make recommendations for future research based on the literature reviewed and explain the rationale for the recommendations.


This section should include: Synthesis of the research literature, redeveloping conceptualizations of existing paradigms, or proposing new paradigms. Extending of knowledge through the integration of the literature review findings. Supported recommendations for future research. Conclusion summarizing the major elements of the project 

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