1. The paper will be a 3.5-4 page paper. (Not counting the cover page)  It should be formatted according to MLA standards. A great source is The OWL at Purdue University: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/Links to an external site.  Not knowing something is never an excuse.2. You must use three credible sources. (Not Wikipedia!)You cannot use webpages that are not academic in nature and whose author you cannot identify. Use your best judgment. If it doesn’t look reputable than it’s probably not. Don’t be afraid of books on the topic.4. Double-spaced (please: no extra spaces between paragraphs. The whole document is double-spaced) 5. Times Roman 12 pt. font6. 1” margins all the way around (you usually set this up in your word processor’s File, Page Setup option) 7. Works Cited page formatted according to MLA format. Please make sure your Works Cited page is the last page of your paper, and not a separate document altogether.   http://owl.english.purdue.edu/Links to an external site. 9. You need to have a Works Cited page. For help with documentation, consult Valencia’s library website.10. Indent paragraphs (please – no extra spacing between paragraphs)11. You need to review your work before handing it in and have someone else also look at it. One method for improving your writing is to read your paper out loud. You catch many more errors that way.

12. Most importantly a note about plagiarism! SafeAssign is a program that shows me what you have cut and pasted into your paper. When you upload your paper it automatically runs through this program.


  • Heroes of Greek myth- choose a single hero to research or a general overview of the heroes of Greek myth. How did the Greeks define a hero? What great acts or adventure(s) did they accomplish or undertake? And so on.
  • Gods of Greek myth- choose a single god to research, or give a general overview of the Greek pantheon (you’d probably want to stick with just the Olympian gods).
  • The influence of Greek mythology on the modern world.


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