It is a criminology comparative essay style short paper but I could not find criminology option here.

Write about the theories of of Pierre Bourdieu and concepts Michel Foucault towards an empirical sociology of prison together with its punishment and discipline or choose any topic that related to theories of of Pierre Bourdieu and concepts Michel Foucault in the field of criminology. Please inclue thesis statement, reference (APA), in text citation and conclusion

font- time new roman, 12

APA style

As time is short I have done some of my own research as reference (if that helps), I am attaching some of the references link that might be useful.

1.An Introduction to Michel Foucault’s Discipline and Punish – A Macat Sociology Analysis. (2016). Retrieved October 23, 2022, from

2.Bang, L. (2014). Between the Cat and the Principle: An Encounter between Foucault’s and Bourdieu’s Conceptualisations of Power. Power and Education, 6(1), 18–31.

3.Bourdieu, P., & Wacquant, L. (1992). An invitation to reflexive sociology. Polity Press.

4.Jouet, Mugambi. “Foucault, Prison, and Human Rights: A Dialectic of Theory and Criminal

Justice Reform.” Theoretical Criminology, 27 May 2021, p. 136248062110159,


6.Shammas, V. L. (2017). Bourdieu’s Five Lessons for Criminology. Law and Critique, 29(2), 201–219.

7.Schlosser, J.A. Bourdieu and Foucault: A Conceptual Integration Toward an Empirical Sociology of Prisons. Crit Crim 21, 31–46 (2013).

8.Russell, S. The failure of postmodern criminology. Critical Criminology 8, 61–90 (1997).

Please use the terms like: Foucault’s five lesson of criminology, doxa, discipline, punish  habits, and punish, formalist Vs instrumentalist approach, Bourdieu’s non essential critique, Bourdieu’s elaslicticity vs Universalization, field, Faucoult’s power and knowledge approach etc.

(you don’t have to use all the terms from above but what canoe applicable in your writing)

Please follow the rubric and instruction in the provided files.

Thank you!


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