Power, Politics & Glory including Social Protest/Affirmation

  • Read Chapter 9 Power, Politics, and Glory, page 244 to page 278.andRead Chapter 10 Social Protest/Affirmation, page 279 to 307.

Assignment Directions:What about politics and power would you protest and why?Using your textbook-Chapter 10 and videos/links below to select an artist that interests you and intrigues you best regarding the theme of social protest/affirmation.

  • Research this artist (view the videos about the artists in the videos below but also do your own research)
  • Recreate your own form of social protest/affirmation art.
  • This art can be performance, music, dance, or other media of art as described in Chapter 3.
  • Take a photograph of your protest art.

You may recreate your own version based on your selected artist, or create a new idea. Base your protest art on something real you are really concerned and care about. Please use discretion and best judgment. You should make/perform this protest art in the privacy of your own home.

  • Do not actually protest.
  • Instead think of yourself as an artist who uses a current story in the news and makes an artwork about it.

Some ideas for in home photos: create a collage using magazine and newspaper clippings, write/record a song, write poetry, use props rather than people such as clothing, figurines (dolls or Legos). You might employ the help of friends to pose as models. Perform a poem, or act from a play. But always remember to do this at home for your own safety.Include in your written portion of your submission:

  • the final art (photo or video),
  • the artist you researched
  • the ideas behind your protest art.

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