Problem Solving Skills Discussion Board Post

The Discussion Assignment

Create a thread answering the prompt below.  Post your opening response no later than 11/4/2022 by 11:59 pm EST.

There are several Dos and Don’ts when overcoming obstacles to critical thinking.   For example, avoid egocentric thinking or be aware of your social conditioning.  Select two Dos and/or Don’ts and try to think of a time when these Dos and/or Don’ts helped or hindered you.  When considering your examples, were there any negative consequences as a result of the barrier, and how could they have been avoided.

As you are completing this assignment apply it to FTCC and/or your classes.  If you are using real-world examples, which it is hoped you will, please do not use “real” names.

Grading Criteria

Summarize your responses to these questions in essay form and post as your initial post in this discussion forum.

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