To help you get into the frame of mind: Think of you or someone you know who has been a victim. Have you or that person been victimized more than once? If so, what type of recurring victim are you or is he or she? Why? What factors led to you or him or her becoming this type of recurring victim? What could have been done to prevent you or him or her from becoming a recurring victim?Include the following aspects in the assignment:

  • Explain how shared responsibility contributes to victimization
  • Explain the victim precipitation theory
  • Identify a personal story or a story of someone else who has been the victim of crime

    • Were they victimized more than once?
    • What type of recurring victim are they?
    • Why?
    • Could something have prevented the victimization?
    • Google Scholar to find the case legislature or court documentation that discusses the prosecution outcome. Be sure to include this reference on your reference page. Please follow APA guidelines; provide a title and reference page, use Times New Roman 12-point font, and double-space your lines. At least 2 pages long.

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