A variety of modern tools for big data analytics exist in the market today. The following are well-known analytics tools, and you will find additional descriptions and ratingsĀ here:

Hadoop: used to store and analyze data

MongoDB: used on datasets that change frequently

Talend: used for data integration and management

Cassandra: a distributed database used to handle chunks of data

Spark: used for real-time processing and analysis of large amounts of data

STORM: an open-source, real-time computational system

Kafka: a distributed streaming platform used for fault-tolerant storage

Select two analytic tools from the list and resources above. Create a 5-7 slide PowerPoint presentation addressing the features and functions their systems provide. Following your comparison, address how each may be used in a business environment, as well as which you would recommend and why. Your presentation slides must be professional and written in a manner that would be appropriate to present to business leadership.

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