APA paper instructions attached below along with paper proposal which give background and topic about overall paper  . rubric is attached below

APA paper instructions attached below along with paper proposal which give background and topic about overall paper . rubric is attached below
Topic: New Graduate Nurses Encounter on Lateral Violence Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Course Professor’s Name Date of Submission Topic: New Graduate Nurses Encounter on Lateral Violence I experienced lateral violence when I was working on a project with a colleague who was very critical of my work. She nitpicked everything I did and constantly told me I was doing things wrong. She did not provide tangible solutions, therefore, she became an obstacle to the innovation and creativity of the department. I began to feel very discouraged and frustrated. Another time, I was working with a team of nurses who were constantly gossiping about each other and putting each other down. I felt like I was in a negative and toxic environment. It is a significant issue to me as I am a team player; therefore, being in awkward situations with colleagues I am supposed to look up to can get frustrating. One of the ways that lateral violence affected my healthcare career was the creation of a hostile work environment. I want to resolve the issue to eliminate the feeling of being devalued, unsupported, and stressed, which can, in turn, negatively impact the quality of care they are able to provide (Martin et al., 2017). Nursing professionals should deal with the issue to avoid massive turnover. It can create staffing shortages and further strain the healthcare system. Nursing professionals need to identify the factors contributing to lateral violence and deal with them accordingly. They include the hierarchical nature of the healthcare system, understaffing, and high levels of stress. However, there are also ways to address lateral violence and create a more positive work environment (Jarreta et al.,2021). These include establishing zero-tolerance policies for violence, increasing communication and collaboration among staff, and providing support and resources for nurses who experience violence. References Nemeth, L. S., Stanley, K. M., Martin, M. M., Mueller, M., Layne, D., & Wallston, K. A. (2017, July). Lateral violence in nursing survey: Instrument development and validation. In Healthcare (Vol. 5, No. 3, p. 33). MDPI. https://www.mdpi.com/2227-9032/5/3/33 Vidal-Alves, M. J., Pina, D., Puente-López, E., Luna-Maldonado, A., Luna Ruiz-Cabello, A., Magalhães, T., … & Jarreta, B. M. (2021). Tough love lessons: Lateral violence among hospital nurses. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 18(17), 9183. https://www.mdpi.com/1660-4601/18/17/9183
APA paper instructions attached below along with paper proposal which give background and topic about overall paper . rubric is attached below
Title of Paper (Bold) Your name here School of Nursing, USC Aiken Course number and title Instructor Name Date On my honor as a University of South Carolina Aiken student, I have completed my work according to the principle of Academic Integrity. I have neither given nor received any unauthorized aid on this assignment/examination. Title of Paper (Bold) Start typing here. Note the 0.5 inch indent at the beginning of all new paragraphs. Everything is double-spaced throughout the paper except for the Honor Code. All student papers use Times New Roman 12 point font. Margins are 1 inch. Make sure that you are able to view the ruler on your document by clicking on the View tab in the Word ribbon. Check the ruler box if it is not already selected. Please note that no padding or extra space is added before or after each paragraph. The last check performed on any APA document should be: Ctrl + a/Command + a to select all text in the document, then check the line spacing dropdown menu to determine if extra space is present before or after paragraphs (see Figure 1). Mac users will need to scroll down to the line spacing option to check. Level 1 Heading (bold) Use a level 1 heading to introduce new, big ideas. Level 1 headings are bold and centered. Be sure to check the ruler to make sure that the heading itself is not indented. Level 2 Heading (bold) A level 2 heading helps the reader (and you) organize the paper into smaller bites. The level 2 heading is not indented, so be sure to adjust the carrot on the ruler. Level 2 Heading (bold) Level 2 headings are bolded, but ideas below them are not. Remember that the text below level 2 headings needs to be indented 0.5 inch. References (bold) References start on a brand new page. To help with this, a page break was inserted at the end of the previous page. The title of the page is bold and centered because it is a level 1 heading. Note that individual references have a 0.5 inch hanging indent. Be sure to check your APA manual for how to list different types of references. Some examples are provided below. The list should be alphabetized. Fey, T. (2013). Alphabetizing your reference list is a good idea. Journal of Standup Comedy, 1(2), 3-5. https://doi.org/10.funny.haha.eiei.o Freud, S. (1943). Why I love my professor: Her templates are so sexy. Journal of Academic Love, 3(2), 24-29. Retrieved from http://usca.edu/prof_luv.pdf Keller, H. (1922). Smoke gets in my eyes: How to tell when someone is plagiarizing. Journal of Collegiate Idiocy, 11(2), 18-31. https://doi.org/10.DONTDOIT.z Wang, V., & Channel, C. (2012). Why it doesn’t get any better than this: A retrospective study of snappy dressers and the colognes they wore. Fashion House.

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