essay on file attached

essay on file attached
Field Report: Special Education Observation Focus: Special Education Teaching Strategies The observation report should be written using APA format (in paragraph form) and should be a minimum of 750 words. Provide the school district, school name, teacher name, grade level and subject (s) taught. This should be no longer than 2 paragraphs Thoroughly describe the layout of this classroom. Answer the following questions. How are the students’ seats arranged? What is the classroom theme or how is it decorated? Are there computers? Where are they located? Are there bulletin boards? What do they contain? Are there posters or anchor charts on the walls? Where is the teacher’s desk? Is there multimedia? How is the lighting? Natural, soft or fluorescent? **Your response to # 1 should be no longer than 2 paragraphs. Describe the special education program. Does it involve pulling students out of the regular classroom, a self-contained special education classroom or inclusion of students in the regular classroom? What additional personnel are used in this special education setting? Are there Educational Aides in the classroom? If so, how many? Who are they? What do they do? Describe the lesson and activities. What is the lesson being taught or what activities are the students engaged in? Are the students being taught new information or are they revisiting previously taught concepts? Are the students all being taught the same content? List the instructional strategies used in either the self-contained special education classroom or inclusion setting. Does the teacher pre-teach vocabulary? Build prior knowledge? Does the teacher use visual aids, manipulatives or graphic organizers? What strategies does the teacher employ to check for understanding? Describe the accommodations or modifications that are made to lesson or activities. Are the lessons shorter, are assignment reduced, extra time allotted? Give specific examples. Does the teacher read the material to the student(s)? Are there any students that use assistive technology? Describe the assessment process. Are accommodations given during assessments? What kind of accommodations are given? If time permits, speak with the teacher about the annual evaluation process. Describe the process. Who attends the ARD? Who makes recommendations?

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