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File attached
: QUESTION 1 It is acceptable to copy a section of work from one of your sources as long as you include the original formatting of the section.  True  False 5 points    QUESTION 2 Quotations should be used sparingly in a paper and are only correct if they include the author’s last name, year, and page or paragraph number from the original source.  True  False 5 points    QUESTION 3 Citations are only required when you use the author’s exact words.  True  False 5 points    QUESTION 4 It is acceptable to use someone else’s assignment to get an idea of what yours should look like.  True  False 5 points    QUESTION 5 Websites that provide portions of completed assignments are acceptable to use as long as you cite them.  True  False 5 points    QUESTION 6 Speaking candidly, what mistake(s) were made in the submission that warranted this Academic Integrity Violation? 10 points    QUESTION 7 What have you learned that will help you avoid plagiarizing material or cheating in the future? 10 points    QUESTION 8 Outline all possible repercussions you may face if another Academic Integrity Violation is committed. 10 points    QUESTION 9 Who should you contact, in order of priority, if you have questions about the possibility of Academic Integrity Violations occurring in your submission? 10 points    QUESTION 10 What is the process for internalizing material and explaining it in your own words within an assignment? 5 points    QUESTION 11 When writing your narrative and using outside sources, what information should always be included in a citation? 5 points    QUESTION 12 When using the words of the author in your narrative, it is important to cite the information so that reader knows the words are not your own. If you do not cite the information taken from the author, what academic integrity violation are you committing? 5 points    QUESTION 13 When writing your narrative, you decide to copy material from an online source into your work. You rewrite the copied material and replace a few words to make it original without citing it. Is this action a violation of CSU’s Academic Integrity Policy? Based on your answer, why is it a violation or why is it not?  5 points    QUESTION 14 When you reuse any previously submitted original or unoriginal work, you may be subject to CSU’s Academic Integrity Policy. When can you safely reuse your own previously submitted work? 5 points    QUESTION 15 You have found a great website where students are sharing their past course work and study guides. To access the site, you pay for a membership and upload some of your work to share with other students. Is this a violation of CSU’s Academic Integrity Policy? If so, what is the violation?   Bottom of Form

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