I have attached my Midterm and all the necessary powerpoint needed to use to answers the questions.

I have attached my Midterm and all the necessary powerpoint needed to use to answers the questions.
Professor Adam Kocurek Fall 2022 History 15200 Midterm Exam NOTE: if you plagiarize any portion of this exam, it will result in an F for the course. Note: SafeAssign may mark a certain percentage as “plagiarized” because you have the questions still in the midterm – that is fine, do not worry. I will only be checking to see if you are lifting material from other sources online. Part 1 (10 points per question. 40 points total): Below are 8 short answer questions. Please select 4 of your own choosing and answer them to the best of your ability. NOTE: ‘short answers’ are approximately 2 brief paragraphs or 1 long and thorough paragraph. Answer the questions with specific examples. These are argument-driven questions – have a thesis, and evidence to support your claims. 1: In the wake of the Civil War, we can observe enormous numbers of Americans migrating into the western territories. What were some of the implications and consequences of this? What were some of the reasons why Americans moved west? How did this phenomenon impact indigenous people living in the territory? 2: Racism is a key issue Americans face, both now and historically. Since the Civil War and leading up to World War 1, how have Americans attempted to understand, justify, or combat racial inequality? How has racism and the understanding of race itself changed over time? What factors have led to these transformations? 3: Capitalism is the economic system under which the United States operates. Explain what capitalism is (in your OWN words) and detail how capitalism has transformed from 1865 to 1920. Issues to consider – slavery, individual liberties, labor politics, industrialism, urbanization, immigration, and class. 4: Between 1865 and 1920, an enormous number of immigrants entered the nation, changing it forever. How did these immigrants help to literally and figuratively build the nation? Where did these immigrants come from, how did the trend in dominant nations of origin shift over time, and what different “push and pull factors” led to their arrival? What obstacles did they face while trying to “become American?” 5: Although they are often written out of the historical narrative, women have played incredibly important roles in developing the United States. Additionally, they have also faced an uphill battle fighting for rights and liberties. Looking at the period between 1865 and 1920, explore how women have helped develop the United States, for the better and the worse, and how they advocated for themselves. 6: The post-Civil War period marks a new era for United States foreign policy and involvement in the affairs of other countries. Why is this the case? How and why did the United States start engaging with other people and other nations? Did the United States deal with different nations and people differently? If so, explain and provide examples. 7: The United States looked markedly different between the Civil War and World War 1. In your own opinion, what do you think were the main or most important transformative differences? Support your argument with key examples and explain. Your answer can focus on entertainment, technology, or any other themes, so long as you are not self-plagiarizing from another section. 8: Throughout this course, we have discussed a number of important individuals who have left a lasting mark on American history. Identify 3 individuals (other than Abraham Lincoln) from the1861-1920 period who we have covered in class, and who you think are among the most important figures from the period. Explain why you selected them – what did they do, how did they leave a lasting impression on history, and what distinguishes them from their contemporaries? Support your selections with specific examples. Part 2 (60 points total): Below are 2 long answer questions. Please select 1 and answer it to the best of your ability. NOTE: ‘long answers’ are 4-6 paragraphs long. Answer the questions with specific examples. These are argument-driven questions – have a thesis, and evidence to support your claims. 1: There is an old adage that war brings change. Over the course of this class thus far, we have looked at many examples of war and conflict. How has war/conflict shaped or changed the United States? How have the wars/conflicts we have engaged with in the course so far brought about change differently from one another? What do you think are the strengths and weaknesses of understanding history from the perspective of conflict? (Please provide at least three examples of war/conflict). 2: The period we have covered in class so far, 1865-1920, bore witness to incredible social, cultural, and political transformations in the United States. Marginalized groups utilized a number of different activist and advocacy tactics in an attempt to combat inequality and improve their own and others’ livelihoods. Outline three different ‘activist’ movements during this time period, detail their projects, goals, and tactics, and explain how they succeeded or failed to execute change in America. Additionally, put them in conversation with one another. Please use specific examples from the course.

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