I need help with answer to 2 peers:

In your responses to two peers, compare and contrast the career opportunities they found with your own selections (Payroll Specialist and HR Manager). Consider the following questions to help guide your response:

Was what your peers found interesting or noteworthy similar to or different from what you highlighted in your initial post?

Do you agree with their comparison of jobs that require a background in managerial accounting versus those that require a background in financial accounting?


Hi class, I’m here for my 4 year degree in business administration but I’m much more interested in the finance side of things if I’m being honest. in my area I found quite a few positions that would fit what I want, they all also require a degree in accounting but also require varying levels of experience. The easier one would just be an account supervisor, being in charge of a team and keeping the general ledger up to date are a few of the responsibilities here. The other job I found was a tax manager, it may sound boring but it is a remote hybrid so I would be able to work in a more controlled environment. I’m also really interested in a position where you can consult and help people, this one will give me that and that’s a great driving force for me.

Both of these positions require a background in accounting but the tax manager also needs some experience in tax management and accounting which could easily be a deterrent for some but I think it would stop the job from being too repetitive. Next there is the account supervisor, this one would likely be much more chaotic considering you would be leading people and doing your own work but I would find it to be fun in all honesty. Both of these jobs require a CPA and a bachelor’s degree so it fits with what I was expecting and hope to have some day and despite the different titles there are some similarities, mostly in the idea of leading/helping people with their money. For some of these jobs I will need experience though, so I will need to work up to these positions and gain experience as I go.

Peer #2

I am currently in the process of completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resource Management. I’ve been in Talent Acquisition for 25+ years, so although, I do not have any career goals to obtain a career in accounting and/or finance, I have recruited for these roles often for either my current employer or past clients. I also have the pleasure of working my finance/accounting teams often in my current role to budget and plan for hiring needs within my organization.

The two potential positions related to managerial accounting I found interesting via Handshake where the following:

Financial Analyst – New Grad for Enphase Energy, Inc

I found this role interesting because it is for a New Grad and for those trying to break into the world of finance this would be a good role to start with. It does require a bachelor’s degree in Finance or an in-process MBA. This role was also intriguing in that one of the main responsibilities was reporting of actual and forecasting costs for the business. They would be working closely with management and business operations teams to provide weekly updates and reports. These reports would be used to make business decisions.

Corporate Accounting Summer Intern for VanEck

I like this particular job posting because it is a summer internship and a great way for someone to gain some experience while going to school obtaining an accounting and/or finance degree. It specifically wants someone interested in managerial accounting as it will be assisting with building out Van Eck’s internal financial reporting and modeling framework. For someone like myself, who loves to build things from the ground up, this would be a super exciting opportunity to be able to have a white board to create reports for a company that can utilize them to meet their deliverables.

Both positions are similar in that they are both good steppingstones for someone in and/or just out of college who needs to gain experience in the managerial accounting field. We all must start somewhere, and both positions would help someone gain valuable experience that they could take with them throughout their career. Other than partnering with the finance and accounting department, I have no hands-on experience, so if I personally was going to pick a role for myself, I would prefer the Corporate Accounting Summer Intern role for VanEck. I really enjoy helping create things, so this would be the role I’d be most excited in and feel that I could bring the most experience.

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