Constitutional law Conduct independent research by these means on one relevant topic. Prepare a 12 to 18- page paper (using double-spaced, 12-point font format with 1″ margins on all sides). utilize textbook-assigned readings, internet sources, and relevant articles on a variety of concepts. Choose from these topics: Defamation: Has the media gone too far? Free Speech: What and Whom Does it Protect, A Comparison of Cases The First Amendment In Cyberspace: What Are Your Rights? Freedom of Religion: A Case Study The Convington Defamation Case against The Media: A Legal Analysis Commercial Speech: What is Protected? Media Bias and The Law Constraints of Time, Place, and Manner in Speech Cases Search and Seizure in America Today: A Legal Analysis Guns Laws, Good or Bad?:: A Legal Analysis Self-Incrimination: The Law Today A good work submission should consist of: -Complete sentences. -Logical organization. -A paper free from misspelled words and run-of-the-mill grammatical errors that reflect mere carelessness. -Use of proper font(s) -Use of a proper, generally accepted format. -A neatly orchestrated presentation. -Clear organization as well as transitions between paragraphs. -A clear and efficient (i.e. not wordy) writing style. -A discussion that spots legal issues, explains legal rules, applies facts appropriately to the rules, and draws logical conclusions (see web sites, handouts, textbook and required research to be done). -A discussion that includes full explanation of theories and applicable policies (see web sites, textbook, handouts and required research to be done). -Citations to authorities per acceptable citing method such as APA, MLA, Bluebook, etc.

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