InstructionsFor this assignment, you will create a communication strategy that fosters change and innovation in an organization. Explain the context in which it occurs and the options that are available. Develop a solution that will solve the organizational issue and meet the needs of the people involved.Feel free to use the same organization you researched for the Unit VI and Unit VII Assignments. You are not limited to this organization, but it may be easier to complete the assignment since you have already researched it for Unit VI and/or Unit VII. You can use the same sources for all assignments, if applicable.In the report, you will provide a potential audience analysis, create a purposeful message, and discuss a type of channel that you could use for feedback. Include answers to Neal’s (2010) communication questions, which are listed below:

  1. What am I trying to achieve?
  2. How will my audience react to what I am trying to achieve?
  3. Will my message be resisted?
  4. What do I know about my audience that will help me tailor my message? (p. 40)

Do not include the question/answers in a bullet or list format. Instead, integrate the responses in your paragraphs.Use the standard five-paragraph format (introduction/body/conclusion). Include at least two academic sources. APA format should be used. The assignment should be a minimum of two pages in length. Content, organization, and grammar/mechanics will be evaluated.

InstructionsFor this assignment, you will create a communication strategy that fosters change and innovation in an organization. Explain the context in which it occurs and the options that are availab
1 Title of Paper Student Name Columbia Southern University Paper Format • 1 inch margins • Double spacing • Suggested font -Times New Roman 12 pt. • Paragraphs indented .5 inch (usually default Tab) 2 Title of Paper The first paragraph should introduce the organization and the issue you plan to address. This should be brief, as y ou will go into more detail later in the paper. The thesis statement needs to be the last sentence in the introduction. Summary The second paragraph should be a summary of the situation. Look at the following example from Unit I , which summariz es the issue with the Volkswagen Corporation as a model : Scientists from the University of West Virginia tested Volkswagen diesel vehicles and found that the company was able to cheat on emission s tests with software that indicated the vehicles’ emissions were far lower than they actually were. Over 11 million vehicles were equipped with the “defeat devices” (Varandani, 2015). The use of devi ces designed to fool U.S. regulators has resulted in a federal lawsuit against the company. As reported by the N ational Public Radio (N PR ) in “U.S. Files Lawsuit Against Volkswagen Over Emissions Trickery,” the vehicles are actually putting up to 40 times more pollution into the air than U.S. standards allow (as cited in Chappell, 2016) . Over 600,000 vehicles produced by Volkswagen violate the U.S. Clean Air Act. Statements by Michael Horn, the CEO of Volkswagen’s U.S. business concerns, and Volkswagen CEO Matthias Mueller further damaged the reputation of organization. The scandal resulted in the resignation of many top -level Volkswagen employees and a drop in the company’s stock price. Volkswagen faces billions of dollars in potential fines and also the cost of retrofitting its vehicles with systems to limit emissions. Communication Strategy Eac h paragraph should be at least three sentences in length . Each paragraph should only include one topic. 3 Begin this section of the essay by discussing the potential audience for your strategy. Remember that you are creating a strategy that fosters change and innovat ion in the organization based on what you have learned throughout the course. You need to explain how the strategy addresses the needs of your audience. With the Volkswagen Corporation issue, for example, the audience could be the senior execu tives in the company, the U.S. federal g overnment , and/or past/future U.S. consumers of the product . In the followi ng paragraph , the scope of the audience is limited to the customers who have purchased the vehicles in question , but it is onl y one potential option . It is likely that U.S. customers who purchased diesel vehicles with the emissions defeat device will need to bring their vehicles into service centers for government -mandated system changes. Normally , the U.S. federal g overnment requires corporations to br ing vehicles up to regulation . It is probable that making changes to the software or components will bring compromises in fuel economy, performance, and/or reliability. Backlash from this situation could negatively affect future sales. Some customers will be inconvenienced by the recall while others will have doubts about the efficiency of future products. In addition, consumers did not have the use of the environmentally friendly car they thought they wer e purchasin g, and resale values are apt to fall. The Volkswagen Corporation needs to address these customer concerns. Setting up a dedicated website to communicate with customers will be a good first step in mitigating the criticism . The website will provide regular updates on Volkswagen’s progress in bringing the diesel models into full compliance. Once the technical issues are resolved, the recall program can be linked into the website. Current customers wi ll be able to register online and schedule the repairs required by the recall at dedicated Volkswagen service centers and dealerships. In Potential Audience Audience Reaction 4 addition, any independent testing of the new, compliant emissions systems will be made available on the website for the general public to review. Since the website is a global communications channel, it will help spread Volkswagen’s message that the organization is changing its polici es and making industry -leading innovations in clean technology. Providing transparency to the compliance process through regular updates w ill alleviate customer anxiety , and having a centralized location for customers to register for repair will make the p rocess more convenient. Finally, providing independently verified test results in a public forum will reassure used car buyers that the vehicles are now clean burning diesels, which will help improve resale value. Conclusion In many ways, the conclusion acts as the final word in the paper. A good conclusion is the matching bookend to your introduction, and it is never a straight reiteration of everything that you have just presented in the paper. Communication Strategy How the Strategy Addresses the Needs of the Audience 5 References Chappell, B. (2016, January 4). U.S. files lawsuit against Volkswagen over emissions trickery . NPR. – way/2016/01/04/461927119/u -s-files -lawsuit -agai nst -volkswagen -over -emissions – trickery Varandani, S. (2015, December 17). Volkswagen emissions scandal: European parliament backs inquiry into German automaker, probe could last a year . International Business Times. -emissi ons -scandal -european -parliament -backs – inquiry -german -automaker -probe -2230060 The word “References” should be centered at the top of the page and is not boldface. This is an example of a reference list. All in-text citations must have a corresponding entry on the reference list. It is formatted with a hanging indent and double -spacing.

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