Practicum( 250 -350 Words not including Full reference)


 Use health data to refine and limit population of interest/at risk for your community (ATLANTA GEORGIA)


Find health data (national, state and local) related to a population in your community. Compare local data to state and national data. Refine the description of the population at risk through continued collaboration with professionals in your community as you analyze related health data.



This week, your instructor has assigned you to begin collecting health data about a health problem or issue that affects your population group. Examples of health data may include epidemiological information related to health conditions, reproductive outcomes, causes of death, vital statistics, quality of life, socioeconomic data (poverty levels), and lack of health insurance in your population. Use scholarly professional literature to support your decisions about the population at risk. Contact your local health department and assess your community resources related to the population at risk, such as clinics, educational resources, etc. (Read more about epidemiology in your textbook.)




Continue to locate health data on the health problem and population at risk in order to focus on a particular age and cultural group. For instance, obesity can be could be limited to grade school children in a certain school or part of your community with common cultural/health beliefs. As you locate data on the health problem in a certain population compare the local data with state and national data to fully understand the extent of the problem in your own community. Collaborate with local professionals who provide care to this population.




Please address the following in your discussions:



Describe the health problem and specific population at risk.

What data did you find to support your decision? Help each other refine and clarify the health problem.

What helpful health data and public health websites did you find? (Add them to the Webliography)

What other evidence have you found?

Help each other find health data evidence.


Support your response with references from the professional nursing literature





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