Person selected Plan for Ezekiel Kelly

This draft provides you with an opportunity to sketch out a rough draft of your plan, and receive instructor feedback on your plan.  The draft should include:

1. Revised summaries for the following components, addressing instructor feedback and any information gaps noted in your second draft submission,

(A) The relevant history and background of the person you selected,

(B) The legal case that prompted the need for your plan, and

(C) The plan type and its’ goals.

2. An outline or draft of your actual plan, including

(A) The unique needs, risks, and/or strengths you’ve identified for the person you are writing about.

(B) A best practice recommendation for services, supports, and/or resources for the person, along with an explanation of their expected benefits, and

(C) Any specific legal system approaches that would NOT be helpful, along with an explanation why these should not be used.

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