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For this and every other assignment, read all directions carefully. Points will be deducted if submissions do not conform to the assignment instructions.

Police organizations are instruments through which policing services are organized and delivered to the public. The primary function of the police force is crime prevention. As an aspiring police officer, it is crucial to understand how the organizational structure of the police department and its various practices influence its day-to-day functions.

Imagine you are being interviewed for the position of police officer. Your interviewer wants to evaluate your understanding of the practical implications of police theory and practices on its functions of crime prevention and keeping order. You must pretend you want to be a police officer. Do not mention other jobs.

Read all the following instructions carefully. Penalties apply for not following directions.

  • Respond to the questions provided below. Do your research and document your responses to the interviewer in a written transcript your “interview” of 700-1,050 words

Write your answers to each of the following questions as if you were responding to your hiring officer in an interview. Again, do your research. While some personal opinion is expected, you must also know about the concepts mentioned in the questions like civilianization, code of silence, legitimacy, etc. You can’t guess at these.

  • Why are you interested in a career in law enforcement?
  • Does legitimacy in the police force enable effective crime-fighting? Explain how.
  • Is problem-oriented policing an answer to building partnerships with the public? Explain why.
  • Is civilianization a beneficial practice in police work? Provide reasons to support your answer. (civilianization NOT civilization. Look it up.)
  • A bureaucracy has its advantages and disadvantages. The size and complexity of the bureaucracy affects the quality of communication within the organization. What are the positive and negative impacts on communication within a bureaucracy within a police department? (Cover communication only.)
  • Which type of mentality makes the best police officer: warrior or guardian? Explain why.
  • Is the code of silence the desired police subculture? Explain why.
  • What types of impact has been seen with the inclusion of women and minorities in the police force?
  • How does the environment (vicinity where the work occurs) where police organizations function influence their operational activities? Explain your reasoning in context with the appropriate policing theory.

Note: You must write out your interview questions and the responses in this format:

Q: Why are you interested in a career in law enforcement?

A: My interest in law enforcement goes back to …

You don’t want to be long-winded, but you don’t want to be so brief that the interviewer doesn’t obtain a good understanding of your grasp of the question.

Cite the sources you used to support your responses.

Submit your assignment as a MS Word document.

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