Please answer all THREE questions and follow the guidelines below:

  • Answer all questions with at least two paragraphs.
  • Use minimum citations.  Use Intercultural Communication: Globalization and Social Justice text book, and provide a page and a film use the full name.
  • Feel free to use the Collaboration Tool available in the Canvas tool bar to work in a team, then post your collaboration in our Midterm  Assignment Post.

Question #1

Intercultural communications in the context of globalization is complicated, but made much more so by the Covid pandemic and climate change.  Using the Intercultural Praxis model (page 18) and all of the discussions we have engaged in this quarter explore the connection between the pandemic or climate change and intercultural communications.

Please use all six aspects of the model:

  • Reflection
  • Dialogue
  • Positioning
  • Framing
  • Inquiry
  • Action

Question #2

Chapter 8 focuses on the impact of capitalism on intercultural communication. Drawing on the chapter, films, and class lectures, discuss the following:

In the context of globalization, capitalism is increasingly impacting countries from the Global South (nations that were colonized). Discuss the likely impact of the culture of capitalism on these cultures and their cultural practices.

Question #3

Race and racism are social constructs, but they have real impact on people’s lives.  Discuss how the discourses of biology, ideology, and cultural deficit (lecture on “Racialization”) have been used to produce racists policies, practices and shape individual decisions.

Please use:

  • At least one, Chapters 1, 2, 4 and 5
  • Lectures “Discourse” and “Racialization”
  • Films, The Power of an Illusion Episode 1 and Racism a History

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