Please answer the following discussion boards for each person (9 people). Please check your spelling and grammar and cite each discussion boards. Write 2 paragraphs on each one.

Please answer the following discussion boards for each person (9 people). Please check your spelling and grammar and cite each discussion boards. Write 2 paragraphs on each one.
Please answer the following discussion boards for each person (9 people). Please check your spelling and grammar and cite each discussion boards. Write 2 paragraphs on each one. 1-Zenaid’s post     Most people nowadays does not understand the value of wilderness in our modern life. Wilderness is essential habitat for plants and animals. Animals and plants  serves a very important role in our environment . These days, the percentage of pollution has been increased rapidly. Therefore ,  I believe that throughout the time the human health will be in danger and a lot of diseases will spread all over the world.  2-Professor’s post Perhaps THE relevant quote from Abbey:  You all should have read these lines in the book, and they hold the key (I think) to Abbey’s sentiments: In the first place you can’t see anything from a car; you’ve got to get out of the goddamned contraption and walk, better yet crawl, on hands and knees, over the sandstone and through the thornbush and cactus. When traces of blood begin to mark your trail you’ll see something, maybe. Probably not. 3-Megan’s post think the wilderness could be restored and also keep access for people to enjoy the beauty our country has to offer. Especially for people that are obese, handicapped, special needs, etc. I think it would be the right thing to do to have options for the population who need alternative options in order to experience nature. Allowing people to experience the wilderness and nature could be healing not only physically but mentally. I think this may be an outlet for many people and completely taking this outlet away would be unfair in my opinion.  4-Keisha’s post Civil law is a branch of law that regulates the non-criminal rights, duties of persons and equal legal relations between private individuals, as opposed to criminal law. Defamation, breach of contract, property damage and negligence resulting in injury or death are examples of cases that fall under civil law. Criminal law deals with behavior that is or can be construed as an offense against the public or society as a whole. Examples of cases that fall under criminal law are assault, murder, theft, and drunk driving. 5-Jennifer’s post The difference between a contract and tort is the need for a written agreement. A tort can be either intentional, negligence, or strict liability. There is no written agreement needed between the parties involved since a tort is applicable when the standards of care are not met. A contract can be either in writing or implied and is a promise between the parties that is legally enforceable. 6-Professor’s post (Question for me) Genesis, If you were suspicious of a physician’s unethical behavior what would you do?  7-Heather’s post A private facility is when it is owned by a for-profit investor or a non profit organization. A for-profit investor is one who is putting in money into the entity with limited liabilities of the debts. This gives an advantage to the shareholders as when profits are made and taxes get paid, they get to seek the revenue. Also with a for profit investor the entities are required to pay income taxes and also property taxes now with a non profit organization you have a tax exemptions. A for-profit hospital provides less charitable care than the public hospitals, which can cause havoc to a society as a whole (Harris, 2014). A private non-profit organization are not operating for a profit and are not controlled by the government. They have no stocks or stockholders, they are governed by directors or board of trustees (Harris, 2014). A private non-profit organization has to apply for the tax exemptions but are able to get the federal and state tax exemptions unlike the for-profit facilities. 8-Jessica’s post The Affordable Care Act or ACA created criteria that tax-exempt hospitals must meet to maintain that status. The first is a community health needs assessment (CHNA). My current employer has a program called “Voice of the Customer” which meets periodically throughout the year to better understand the needs of the community. It helps the “take the pulse” of where people are struggling and what areas of healthcare they are having a hard time obtaining help. This helps them develop their CHNA. The second requirement is a written financial assistance policy to determine eligibility assistance paying for care. The third requirement prohibits a hospital from overcharging an individual without health insurance. Finally there are regulations in place to ensure hospitals are working with patients to set up payment plans and recover funds in a reasonable manner. It also limits reporting to credit collecting agencies. 9-shelsea’s post (Question for me) Do you think hospitals would rather pay taxes then keep up with all the new regulations/ requirement s from the ACA? Along with do you feel the ACA is a big help to hospitals? Once again great discussion post!

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