prepare a proposal for the interior design  company.

In your proposal, please, include the following:

– Executive summary (no more than one page);

– Main objective(s) that you plan to pursue during this project;

– A short description of the potential solution you might offer to the company;

– Main steps you plan to take to pursue the objectives and find the solution within the clear and structured timeline.

– Your proposal should be a maximum of FIVE pages excluding references, appendices, and title pages.


– Use at least two data points from the statistics resources (for example, the potential size of the market, growth, etc.);

– Include at least one visual content (graph or chart). Make sure to use proper and specific data there.

– Use at least six references;

– Describe at least three steps to research the objectives;

prepare a proposal for the interior design company. In your proposal, please, include the following: – Executive summary (no more than one page); – Main objective(s) that you plan to pursue during
Small Business Proposal Table of Content (to be removed before submittal) Executive Summary Project Scope Project Exclusion Deliverables Research Methodology (Wissam) Research and Solutions Schedule (Wissam) Fees and Payments (Samer) Confidentiality (Samer) About Us (Samer) Communications Channels (Samer) Validity and Signatures (Samer) 8- Fees and Payments Discount 100% Total fees, including all taxes, is 0 CAD. 9- Confidentiality and Terms of Use Quotes and pricing terms are exclusive to Sanabria & Co. Therefore, and except as otherwise provided by law, Sanabria & Co. hereby agrees to reserve the confidential pricing arrangements for no less than two years from the date of the signed proposal. Sanabria & Co. must not rent, lease, license, sell, resell, distribute, or export the provided services to any other person or entity, without UCW Team prior written consent. 10- About Us Our team at UCW embraces master’s students from different nationalities who have been in the global and local business fields for extended years. Our team is led by our course professor Dr. James Bowen who has more than two decades of experience in leadership, marketing, supply chain management, project management, entrepreneurship and strategy. 11- Communications Channels We encourage Sanabria & Co. to assign a single point of contact as the focal point of information during the project lifecycle. On our side, our team leader Maria Fernanda Salgado Cabrera can be reached through email: [email protected] 12- Validity and Acceptance This offer is valid until November 08, 2022. UCW Team Signature Sanabria & Co. Signature ——————————————– ——————————————– UCW Team, October 29, 2022.

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