Assignment Title:  The Big Bang Theory
Lesson 1

Present evidence to support the Big Bang theory model.

Follow the instructions for the assignment and turn in your response to the instructor as directed.
Cite (using MLA) any online references or local sources (newspaper, online journal, reference book, etc.) you have used in your research and your response.
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Assignment Instructions:
The Big Bang theory is now accepted as the model of how the universe began and continues to develop. The model is supported mainly by three observations: The expansion of the universe The evidence of CMB radiation The observed proportions of light elements (such as deuterium, helium, and lithium)


Devise a presentation that outlines why these three observations support the Big Bang theory. Use the textbook and internet sources to support your presentation.  


The textbook being used is “In Quest of the Universe”. 

A link to use as more reference is:


Make sure to follow ALL instructions, especially MLA format when citing references. In addition, this is a college level paper, so proper grammar should be used.

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