Principals of Microeconomics Discussion Board Post on Monopoly Companies

Topic:  Except in cases such as natural monopolies, our economy thrives on competition. Legislation such as the Sherman Antitrust Act and the Clayton Act regulate behaviors to ensure that competition gets a fair opportunity. We see companies buying other companies all the time, but there are times when the government will prohibit a merger or acquisition if it significantly limits competition.  Find and summarize an article that is related to one of the following:•    A merger or acquisition that was prohibited by the Department of Justice•    A company that was broken up for being a monopoly•    A company accused or found guilty of another activity such as a cartel, collusion, predatory price, interlocking directorates, tying contracts, exclusive dealing, or price fixing to limit competition (you can find a lot of cases at the article. Summarize the major points of the article in 5 bullets.  Be sure that you are writing it in your words.  Copying from the website is plagiarism and will result in a 0.  You must also cite the author, the name of the article, the publication, the website (link us please), and the date of the article.  A minimum of two constructive replies to classmates is required. Note: “I agree” is not a constructive reply.  I need to be able to observe that you have moved the conversation forward.  More extensive participation will be noted.  Are you responding to those who ask you questions from your initial post?

Grading Criteria:5 bullets summarizing the article in your own words:  70 possible pointsMinimum 2 constructive responses to classmates:  20 possible pointsSpelling, punctuation, grammar, following directions (including subject name):  10 possible points

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