Project Two Reflection

This reflection is a space for you as a writer to consider the knowledge about writing you have developed through working on this project. As you reflect on P2, explain some of the decisions you made, why you made them, and what you believe about yourself as a writer at this point. Your reflection should be 2- to 3-pages double spaced (must be at least two full pages). Use the following prompts to guide you:

  • How did understanding the concepts of writing help you identify and explain writing in your community?
  • What surprised you about the writing from your community or what you thought you knew about writing, as you worked through your project?
  • Which writing concepts have you found more difficult to explain or connect to others, and why? Which are easier to explain, and why do you think that is?
  • How do you think your knowledge about writing concepts is evolving through this project, and what other kinds of writing have you done or do you think you will do in future that will benefit from this knowledge you are developing? What were some similarities and differences between the writing in your community and the writing you have done or think you’ll be doing in future?
  • How did you choose to structure your analysis essay to start, did that change and why, and what did you use from reviews to help you revise? Do you think what you did in P2 worked for you or would you make it more effective if you had time to revise further?
  • What did you think was the greatest challenge in Project 2 and what did you learn from that challenge that you can take forward to Project 3? As a writer with decisions to make about your writing, what might you do differently in your next writing situation?

Please upload your responses to the P2 Reflection assignment in USF Writes (Links to an external site.).

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