Read Chapter 12 Race, Gender, Clan, and Class, page 341 to page 376.

Watch the following videos as part of your focus in the discussion:

veido to watch

1 Can art amend history? | Titus Kaphar

2 Hundreds Paint “End Racism Now” Mural In Fort Worth


  1. Select 5 videos (mini films) from the sources below to watch and take notes using the Film Club chart (2.) for watching the mini films. Required: fill in all the entry boxes, so that means watch 5 short films.
  2. FilmClubDoubleEntryJournalLN.pdf  FilmClubDoubleEntryJournalLN.pdf – Alternative Formats
  3. Research 2 artists from the artist chart provided below that you identify as best represents the videos you watched.
  4. List the artist name and the title of the video together and explain why each artist best represents the content or theme of each video. (When searching for the artist, include “visual artist” after their name.)
  5. Discuss with your classmates what is significant in these artists’  artwork related to Race, Gender, Clan or Class as it relates to the topics in your textbook reading.
  6. Relate your artists to any comparisons you see occuring in current events and/or personal experiences.
  7. With your classmates compare the mini films to the introductory Titus Kaphar video.
  8. With your classmates invent ways that  “art can amend history”.
  9. Attach your notes/chart as part of your discussion.

Read Chapter 12 Race, Gender, Clan, and Class, page 341 to page 376. Watch the following videos as part of your focus in the discussion: veido to watch 1 Can art amend history? | Titus Kaphar 2 Hundre
Mini Films to Watch for Film Club Chart: If link does not open please copy and paste the link address into your browser. A Conversation on Race This series of short films features everyday people as they discuss issues of race and identity in America. Who, Me, Biased? This series takes a closer look at the unfair effects of our subconscious. Hyphen Nation What makes someone American? How do you define American identity? In these films, nine American citizens describe their struggle to belong in a nation that both embraces and rejects them. Confronting Racist Objects Millions of racist objects sit in the homes of everyday Americans. What is their place today? This series features stories about reconciling, reclaiming and reinterpreting racist objects. Hundreds Paint “End Racism Now” Mural in Fort Worth On June 26-28, hundreds of artists and volunteers painted a block-long mural declaring ‘End Racism Now’ on Main Street in downtown Fort Worth. List of Artists RACE GENDER CLAN CLASS Michael Ray Charles Gabriel Garcia Roman James Luna* Barbara Kruger Kehinde Wiley* Carrie Mae Weems* Guillermo Gomez Pena* Dorthea Lange Titus Kaphar Judy Chicago Enrique Chagoya Narsiso Martinez Glenn Lignon* Cindy Sherman Sedrick Huckaby* Yinka Shonibare Kerry James Marshall Lorna Simpson* Letitia Huckaby*   Coco Fusco* Ana Mendieta     Kara Walker* The Guerilla Girls*   Note: some artists make art about both race and gender or clan and class.

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