Reply to these 2 questions with 200 words each or more citation and reference:

Question 1. Congratulations on being accepted to Grand Canyon University’s doctoral program. This is a big step in your academic career and you should be very proud. Many of you are probably very excited to begin discussing issues surrounding your topic. Your passion is an important part of the process, but it will also require a shift in mindset that requires learners to move toward becoming efficient, independent researchers.

What is your perception of researchers and the role you believe they serve in the academic community? What kinds of mental and behavioral changes do you think you will need to make in order to become a successful researcher?

Question 2. Many learners approach a doctoral program with great enthusiasm. However, enthusiasm and passion alone do not guarantee success. Often, learners want to begin the research process immediately without the proper skills in place to be successful. Although, passion is necessary, it is important that all learners develop a plan of action to be successful. All learners must make a transition from being a student completing assignments to being a self-directed researcher. This requires students to be self-motivated, to engage in reflective scholarly practice, and to be receptive to feedback and critique from peers and faculty.

How might these three practices support your development of a doctoral identity and help you meet the academic expectations for doctoral learners? What potential challenges to do you foresee with incorporating these practices into your routine? What adjustments will you need to make to overcome these challenges? (This response does not require research support.)

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