Section 1

Have you been in or witnessed an invasion of a patient’s privacy or a breach of confidentiality? How could the situation have been handled differently? (If you are not in healthcare presently, what have you noticed at your physician’s office, local hospital, or pharmacy which could have been a breach in HIPAA?

Section 2

Read the case on page 373 (Moskovitz v. Mount Sinai Med. Ctr.) and answer the following questions.

Legal Aspects of Health Care Administration;  Author: George D. Pozgar; Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers; Edition: 14

  1. Briefly discuss what procedure should be followed win clarify an entry in the patient’s medical record.
  2. Is correction fluid helpful when clarifying medical record entries?

Section 3

Please answer the following questions in this assignment link.

  1. 1. As a health care professional, are you able to read the medical record of a person you know? Why or why not?
  2. Would it be helpful to other health care professionals who will be using the same patient’s medical record to document that patient’s poor attitude by including a statement such as “bad attitude”? Why or why not?
  3. A patient requests her physician’s office to change her diagnosis in her medical record from R/O (rule out) bladder infection to “bladder infection,” since her insurance will not pay for R/O diagnosis. Should the record be changed? Why?
  4. Who owns the medical chart?

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