The article in this week’s readings regarding uncertainty in big data analytics brings to light several possibilities where errors may exist in data due to noise, incompleteness, or inconsistency. Considering the market basket approach presented in Chapter Three of the course text, write a 2-3 page, APA 7th edition-formatted paper discussing where potential errors or ethical challenges may exist in data gathered and used for marketing purposes. For example, in 2012, Target’s data analytics discovered that a teen girl was pregnant before her family knew based on purchase history and began sending related advertisements. Identify 2-3 ethical and legal issues surrounding the collection of consumer data and consumer privacy. How might these issues impact areas such as diversity, equity, inclusion, or targeting of social groups? Address what steps a business may take to clean their data or reduce inconsistencies.

with reference and citation

no question and answer formatChaudhary, K., & Alam, M. (2022). Big data analytics applications in business and marketing.

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