The purpose of this essay is to apply the persuasive appeals of ethos, pathos, and logos to a speech.

Choose ONE of the following speeches and watch it.

Afterward, using the template provided below, write an essay.

  • The purpose of the essay is to define ethos, pathos, and logos and specifically explain how the speaker uses those communicative mechanisms in the speech. This paper is your analysis of how they established these important tools for persuading their audience, and concludes with you sharing personal insights on the speech.
  • The essay should be at least one page double spaced. Students must use this template (click here).Download Students must use this template (click here).

Rubric: All files must be submitted using the template. 4 points will be docked for not meeting each expectation, e.g., incorrect or false information, grammar/spelling/formatting, missing information, etc. —————————–Note on the Baldwin speech:

  • In the title and throughout the speech, the label Negro is used. While it was the proper term at the time, it is now outdated and replaced with Black Americans or African Americans. To learn more about the evolution of racial labels for Black Americans from an academic perspective, you can read this article (click here). (Reading this article is optional).

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