this is for a class im taking for the essentials anatomy and physiology

this is for a class im taking for the essentials anatomy and physiology
The Research Project to be developed individually or in groups up to 5 studentsYou can choose the1. Topic (contact your instructor for approval with 3 possible topics and the list the group members first and last names if you are working in a group, or your name if you are working individually); should be related with the Health Care field but not necessary a disease. Once you have a recommended topic by your instructor you can begin your work: Definition and description of the topic in at least 2 paragraphs and an explanation of the topic with your own words. 2. Hypothesis something that you want to prove or disprove related to the topic, research all information about and find numbers of cases that relate to the hypothesis. 3. Statistics: Report the statistics or number of cases related to your hypothesis (the CDC Center for Disease Control or WHO World Health Organization) can be the source, compare them over 2 periods of time (for example 4 years ago and last year) whiting the last 5 years. List the findings and describe the period of time and number of cases comparing the 2 times.4. Graphics: create your own graphics (bar or pie type) with your findings (number of cases) during the 2 periods of time that you selected (less than 5 years ago); do not copy them.5. Conclusion: describe a conclusion that may or not validate your hypothesis; you must follow the rules of the scientific method.6. Bibliographic information: list of the references Include all information required (topic, hypothesis, statistics, graphics, conclusion, bibliographic information and make this word document 4 to 5 pages)1. Click the announcements tab, and click the research project and follow the instructions.2. Create a word document, reasonable amount of information (not 1 or 2 pages) 4 to 5 pages at least and font size 10 or 123. You can turn this in before or the due date.Save your Project on your computer submit it on Canvas, each member of the group should be listed on the first page and should submit it individually on Canvas for you to have a grade. Make sure you include all items required.Good Luck Dr. Lombo

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