This week we learned about survey research methods. For this assignment, you will be creating a short survey. Follow the instructions below.

Prompt 1: In one paragraph: Select and describe a topic in criminal justice and criminology that you would like to collect survey data for. Why is this data important to collect? Describe your sampling strategy and what type of survey mode (mail, telephone, online, interview) you would employ and why(worth 10 points)

Prompt 2: Create a 10-question survey questionnaire and be sure to follow Dillman’s Principles. Make sure to include the following questions and order the questions in a way that makes sense.

?- Create 4 unique survey questions to measure participant demographics

– Create 2 general questions about your topic

?- Create an open-ended question about your topic

?- Create a closed ended question about your topic

?- Create a nominal level question about your topic

?- Create an ordinal level question about your topic


Grammar/Mechanics/Formatting/APA/References: See below (worth 5 points).

Guidelines/Grammar/Formatting/APA/References: Use Times New Roman font, font size 12, and double-spaced paragraphs. Make sure you proofread what you have written prior to submission.

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