To learn more about how the lessons we are learning throughout the course are actually implemented, I have assigned one (1) video to watch and comment on. Once you watch the video for the week, please post your thoughts/comments using the Assignment link on Canvas by the due date posted on the syllabus. Some things to mention/discuss for each video can be what you learned, whether you think it’s a good/bad idea/strategy, things that may have surprised you.  I’m looking for your own thoughts/opinions.  Not a word for word description of what was discussed in the video.  Since this will be your main assignment for most of our online weeks, please be detailed and thorough in your response/submission.

How Amazon Delivers On One-Day Shipping?

Please type your thoughts using 2 pages, double space, 12 point font and standard 1″ margins.  No need to add your name, our class, date, etc. to the top of your paper since it’s posted with your submission on Canvas.  You can simply type “Informational Video # 7” at the top of the page.  Please submit as a MS Word document.   Double space is preferred.

You must watch and submit comments via Assignments on 10 videos to receive the maximum points (100) for this assignment. Each week is worth 10 points. Late assignments will be accepted up to five days after the assigned due date; however, they will be graded lower.

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